What payment methods does Details SalonSpa accept?
AWe accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express,Discover, and Apple Pay. You are held accountable and responsible for any and all bank charges for returned checks as well as collection, attorney and court fees if any occur.
Do you provide changing gowns for salon and spa services?
AFor salon and spa services, we provide changing gowns. Gowns are laundered after each use. In conjunction with your hair salon professional covering you with a cape for servicing, we do our utmost to protect you and your remaining clothing items in a professional manner. We are not responsible for any stained clothing or items                                        during servicing. If you are more comfortable and prefer bringing a “play” shirt and/or pants that can endure possible staining, that is a terrific idea.
A We recommend you arrive 15 minutes in advance of an appointment to ensure a relaxing experience. We make every effort to confirm your services via text, phone or email 48 hours prior to your appointment. Please be sure to keep us up to date on any phone # changes. If the stylist you select is not available at the time you request,                                   we would be happy to put you on our waiting list, just ask. In the event that another client needs to reschedule (which happens often), and an appointment becomes                                         available, we will call you.
What to expect for Massage and Spa skin treatments?
AMassage services require you to disrobe and cover yourself with a sheet and blanket. For your comfort your body will be covered at all times, only the area where the therapist is currently working will be exposed.

                             Spa skin treatment requirements are very similar except for many services require more skin exposure. However, your comfort is very important and we assure you will                               not be exposed in an uncomfortable manner.

                             Facials require that you remove upper clothing and wear a gown specially designed for facials. You will also be wrapped in blankets for your comfort.

How long should hair be for hair removal services?
AIt is recommended for hair removal services (waxing), that the hair growth be at least ¼” in growth for optimum results. If you are taking any type of derma logical medication such as Accutane, Retina, etc. you should let the service provider know prior to your waxing service.
Is gratuity included?
AA gratuity is not included in any of the salon or spa services / packages at Details. However, please note that our staff’s single goal is to provide you with a spa experience that was everything you expected and more. If we have accomplished that goal then please feel free to tip accordingly.
Do you take walk-ins?
ADetails can normally accommodate walk-ins, when no particular stylist is requested. However, if you desire a specific stylist, appointments are recommended.
What is the cancellation and refund policy?

All of our salon and spa services are 100% guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your services, please notify us within two weeks of your visit and we will gladly re-perform the service to your satisfaction. We have reserved time especially for you. If cancellation is necessary, please notify us within a minimum of 24 hours                                  prior to your appointment to prevent any additional charges. Scheduling is designed according to service in order to alleviate waiting for appointments. Please be on                                      time for your appointment so that we can maintain our schedule.

                  Refunds and exchanges must occur 7 days from the original purchase date. Make-up, make-up brushes, and hair brushes are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

What products are used?
ADetails SalonSpa is an AVEDA Concept Salon. Quality, professional hair care requires quality professional maintenance. When used properly, you will only need a very small amount of product, costing you only pennies a day. If you like the way your hair looks when you leave the salon, the only way to reproduce it is to ‘Do what we do,                                  and use what we use’. Your stylist will recommend the professional products best for your hair type, condition, and style.


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